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Nur-Sultan recent comments:

  • Zhastar microdistrict, Dima (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    скоро здесь будет "умный район". сегодня 13.05.2018
  • Строительство жилого комплекса «Венский квартал», ikzalievaa wrote 2 years ago:
    Застройщик - ЖСК «Успех», проблемное жильё застройщика "Азбука жилья".
  • Construction Site, G (guest) wrote 3 years ago:
    Wrong Hotel Building right next to it
  • Water Fountain, Master_Mind (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Това защо него изстрихте?Тъпанари!!! oIo
  • PROVINO wine bar & store, Wayne (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    good service and еnglish speaking staff recommend!
  • 7spa (Thai SPA & Thai massage), kana6 wrote 4 years ago:
    favorite place, good service and nice price
  • Nur-Sultan, Azamat (guest) wrote 4 years ago:
    Population is not 1 mlm even now in 2014. More like 760 000 and growing
  • School-gymnasium № 3 , liza02 (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Самая прикольная школа в городе))
  • Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, Pat (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    These are 2 new Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools (NIS) in Astana now a total of 3. The one on the left is the IB school and the one on the right is the physics & maths school.
  • Nur-Sultan, Iliyas (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Population is not 1 mlm even now in 2014. More like 800 000 and growing
  • Ministry of Interior affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Robert Apilado wrote 5 years ago:
    Sir/ma'am , I would like to ask we're I requist a police clearance fr. There in khazakhtan
  • Парк "Жер Уйык", kazelex wrote 5 years ago:
    Парк "Земля обетованная", парку всего 12 лет...
  • Aray Park, kazelex wrote 5 years ago:
    Парк на Левом берегу, рядом с Домом Министерств
  • JSC KazMunayGaz EP, Everlast77 wrote 5 years ago:
    Помимо EP "КНГ" здесь находится офис "ЛУКОЙЛ Оверсиз КФ"
  • МЖК «Tellman Park», finger linkin good (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    ЖК Туринский Квартал
  • Territory Museum of the History of Kazakhstan, rustam (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    Национальный музей РК
  • Cafe "Line Brew", Local (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
  • Cafe "Line Brew", John (guest) wrote 5 years ago:
    My family and I, we like trying new cuisines & flavours. We decided to go to LINE BREW as we wanted to eat kebabs and try some good food and we read for this place online and heard from friends despite the fact that it is very overpriced place in whole city. It's very easy to find it, and very hard to park your car. We reached the place at about 20:00 and as we tried making a reservation in advance and manager assured us that she will call us or put us to the waitlist, but at the end nobody neither called us nor they explained what were the reason for not putting us a waitline when we arrived there. When you get in, there's a lady (the boss I think) who helps you find a table. She was not friendly at all and she had an unpleasant looking on everyone all the time. The place has dimmed colours minimal design and it looks too much used and dirty. The order for 5 persons was: a plate of mixed kebabs, fries for a side fresh juice, beer, alcohol free mohito. The quality of the food was ok and the taste was alright but nothing unusual, special or exciting. The quantity on each dish was just moderate. But mohito was so spicy and disgusting, I can not explain. Seemed like they used dried lime and tried soften the spiciness by too much ice in it. The service was absolutely disappointing. Despite the fact that we have been sat to the "VIP room" which even cost us extra fee, the waiter had extremely bad mood…so bad that they wereignoring us the whole evening. They annoyed us by ignoring the ring button and forgetting us everytime we ordered something for at least 20-30 minutes. So to refill the beer and get our kebabs it took them 55 minutes. In addition they could hardly notice us when we wanted something (water, more beer, the bill etc.). Awful awful service!!! We spend around 150USD (although we ate and drunk almost nothing!!!) the price is not comparable to the food and service - too much money and disgusting service! After all these ignorance to the client, they charge you automatically 15% tips out of your order, which is totally unacceptable.They have no rights to do that and they have no motivation to satisfy their clients with a good service. In conclusion, the whole experience was not good, I would never go again to this place for any reason and I don't recommend this restaurant, not even to my worst enemy. In a few should better try some fast food out on the street rather than going in there. That bad!!
  • Thai Spa "7colors-Astana", kana6 wrote 6 years ago:
    Nice place! Thai spa and Thai massage
  • Very old cemetery, Tom (guest) wrote 6 years ago:
    Love is all you need!